Digital change in the museums


The digital world has arrived and many museums now appreciate this addition to their exhibits. As designers, we like to read such newspaper articles, of course. We create this digital content and have long been convinced of its effect. The German Museum Association also writes:

“The future: digital strategies for museums

10 years ago, the homepage was primarily the digital arena for museums, but awareness of holistic digital strategies is gradually taking hold in many houses. This means that different digital channels, content and products do not exist side by side as islands, but structures are created to strategically coordinate them. This creates added value, because digitization expands the content of existing offers and creates new access within the mediation, collection and exhibition activities. The user group is expanded in this way, because digital databases are no longer aimed only at the museum audience, but often at a broader, curious public. It is not uncommon to hear the question of whether online exhibitions or digital collections can make museum visits obsolete. Experiences from different companies, however, show exactly the opposite: if the online presence is well prepared, even more visitors come into the house. ”


So we have the museum landscape made even more exciting than it already is.